My Doggy Diary by Nita, aged 2 and a half

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My Doggy Diary by Nita, aged 2 and a half - Page 5 Empty My Doggy Diary by Nita, aged 2 and a half

Post by Haizum74 Sun Nov 23 2014, 15:55

First topic message reminder :

Yesterday was my first day with my new owner. He came to pick me up from where I was living. I thought I was going for walk but ended up in car sat on a girls knee. The window was down and I loved smelling all the things going past. I was nervous but had the feeling everything would be betterer.

We went to a shop that had a lot of nice smells that I liked, it was a dog shop. I got bought a new bed and bowls and some treats, a collar and a lead.  I did a poo outside to celebrate, heh heh.

We then went to see a nice lady who I think is going to help me with my itching. I itch a lot and my ears are swollen and closed too. It drives my round the twist and I can't stop scratching. Maybe I lose concentration with it. I do not know.

We then went for another drive and went to a house. It is my new home I think. It smell better. I got a new toy and I run round like mad with it. I made a lot of noise banging it into things. Fun. I think I did wrong as I poo'd and wee'd in the house. Maybe I didn't give signal I need to do toilet. Man owner was nearly sick from smell. It was funny to watch but I felt a little sorry. My paws cannot do cleaning so I can't help.

We also went for nice long walk, it was foggy and I kept looking back to make sure new people with me. Mud and wet grass was my favourite and splashing in puddles (not poodles). I think we got lost because of fog.

When we got to new home I had to have a shower. I was smelly dog. It was like it rain in one place but I got man drenched too ha ha ha. Now I smelt betterer.

I had dinner, it was nice. I ate it all and had a lot of water. I think it was chicken. I liked it. Chicken nice. Yum

It been a long day so I needed to sleep. Instead of new bed I sleep in chair. It my chair now as not allowed on fabric island thing. It new. I think I make noise from other end as man owner and friend say it extremely smelly. I carry on ha ha ha. It fun.

I saw man owner yawning, he was tired. He went to bed. I followed ha ha. I not stay on floor, bed nicer. I make sure I take up all bed and man owner sleep on edge. I am a lady so it right thing to do.

Today I wake after man owner wake. Ahhh nice sleep. We have another walk to shop and I see girl who said hello to me last time, she friendly. Small adult come and ask for stroke. He nice but I must not jump on him as it is scary.

We do training too as I not good at it. Now I can sit, stay and come. I get treats when doing right. I think it good to do right as man owner happy and we play. Now I sit by window typing this but have to stop as paws itchy like itchy thing. I type again soon

Woofity woof.
Nita (I am two and half you know)

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My Doggy Diary by Nita, aged 2 and a half - Page 5 Empty Re: My Doggy Diary by Nita, aged 2 and a half

Post by Jenc Mon May 24 2021, 19:45

Hello Nita, long time since we've seen you Love Struck You look very distinguished with your grey hairs, my Katy has them now Love Struck

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