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Post by Nikki_m0 Sun Jan 22 2023, 00:28

Hey everyone! I have a four month old Staffy named Zion. He is my best little baby. He had to go to the emergency room last week due to blood and mucus in his stool, with vomiting and body shake/convulsions. He has a the lining of his colon is thickened with excessive inflammation and also had a ball of saliva bile and mucus and his stomach. Also could have been an infection/virus. The vet has him on a specific diet, but I also had to get rid of any toys that he can shred and possibly eat as well as any toys he can possibly ingest. A.k.a. all of his favorite toys went bye-bye. What type of puppy toys are the safest? Regular toys and puppy teething Toys? I just wanna be the safest as possible since he’s already have GI issues. Any help would be appreciated!

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