New Warning system in place

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New Warning system in place

Post by Steve on Wed Jun 29 2011, 20:33

Important Announcement

New Warning

system in place

Hello members,

As some of you may be noticing right now, we have just put into place a new Warning system, this will not affect you as a user of the forum, but it is a useful tool to help moderators censor unwanted behaviour.

The following is a list of the bars and warning attached to them:
- No warnings, clean sheet
- First warning
- Scond warnings
- Serious Warning
- Serious Warning

Note: Dont panic! Just carry on as you are.

If you have been given a warning, it will always be on fair terms and if there is anything you are unhappy about then please ask a mod, or the Admin. Warnings do not last forever, after a couple of months, when your posts have been on topic, your bar will go back up.

As a site we welcome all opinions, but we are also a family friendly forum and are proud to keep it that way. We are all trying to promote an amazing Breed and between us this can be done!

A Staffy-bull-terrier Important Announcement

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