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Post by Steve Wed Jul 27 2011, 21:13

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About Us

Who runs this forum?

We are a group of individuals, both male and female, who help to moderate The Staffy-bull-terrier Forums. Each of us are or have been staffordshire bull terrier owners. We may not be experts but we spend our time trying to help people; we may not be right all the time but we strive to give the Staffordshire bull terrier and Other breeds a better name. You can find a list of our team here Staff List

The Forum

The forum started at the end of August, 2010. Since then, the forum has grown hugely. We now get hundreds of new members each month, and an average of about 14 000 posts per month - good news for anyone who has a question or wants some advice. Chances are, you'll find the answer to your question already on the forum, if not, just ask! We're here to help.

We pride ourselves on running a family friendly forum. We are committed to increasing the public's awareness of the true, wonderful nature of our breed. People of all ages are welcome here to help us do just that. The forum is always well moderated, with support members and moderators from all over the globe, so there is always someone online, keeping a close eye on the forum and how it is being used. As we are a family friendly forum, no abuse, bad language or general misuse of the forum will be tolerated.

The forum is for the public, what you see now is what you will see if you become a member, we never make you register if you don't want to, but if you want to ask a question you will have to register, this is just to protect the forum from unwanted posts.

We welcome everyone here, other breed owners, staffy x owners, we never turn anybody away from getting help, but we do have General Rules we like everybody to read & follow to keep this forum the best on the internet.

Our Forum  is a place where you can search the knowledge base, ask questions or just make friends with other Staffordshire bull terrier lovers. Our members are from all around the globe and between them have a huge amount of knowledge relating to the breed and dog ownership in general. Questions sometimes might seem very trivial and its just a case of reassuring owners.

We do not condone any form of dog fighting, any type of inbreeding or irresponsible ownership.

Click on the link below to contact us.

Contact Us

Thank you.
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A Staffy-bull-terrier Important Announcement

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