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Post by -Ian- Mon Mar 14 2016, 15:01

Below you will find a list of Team members. We are all volunteers and are here to offer Advice, guidance and any general Staffy queries. Some have professional experience with Dogs and others have their own Staffy experiences to share but all are here through the love of our chosen breed the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Admin These people are usually busy behind the scenes looking after the general well being of the Forum and Facebook Page.

Inez Maria

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Howdy! my name is Inez but you can call me Piglet Smile  I own Vinnie who will be 5 years old in August 2016.
I have been a member of this great forum since 2011, and have learnt many tips and good advice over this time.
I am 46 and am a hairdresser and funeral reporter, though not at the same time Wink Wink  I have over the years progressed to Admin on here and feel very honored to be part of a great team.
We the staff dedicate our time and advice purely for the love and well being of this fabulous breed!
Right I am off to Piglets bar now to get drunk!
Chow peeps Smile Smile Smile



Hi, my name is Ian and I have been a forum member since early 2014. I live on the border of North Surrey and a London borough so when I chose my location I thought Surrey sounded posher but, could claim to be either side of the boundary really.

I've been fortunate enough to travel the UK with my work and travel is somewhat a passion for me, I like nothing better than jumping in the car for a weekend get away with Flo & staying in a cottage or Pub somewhere scenic.

My experience with Staffordshires stems way back to when I was a teenager and lucky enough to have a puppy stafford stay a while, and then she decided that she wanted to live with us full time. This is where my love of the breed started. Sadly she passed on as they all do and I really couldn't have a Dog in my life whilst I had a young family.

That all changed on one fateful visit to Battersea Dogs Home in 2012 where my current Staffy Flo was residing. Somehow she ended up in my car and the rest is history. I'm not a trainer but have picked up an awful lot of useful info from being owned by two Staffies and the excellent advice here on the forum, the rest of my advice is from my own rambling experiences. With Flo being Deaf it has been an experience teaching her sign commands, however, this is really impressive to those that don't know how smart Staffords really are but not to those that know the breed  Smile

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I'm Liz and I live in north Essex with 3 dogs, various ex-bat chickens (usually 10-15) and 1 husband.

We've had dogs for years but only discovered the magic of the staffy with Bobbert, a staffy x lab x lurcher rescue, 8 years ago. Bobbert is no more, but we now have Chaos and Millie, both staffy crosses, and Nola the lab x retriever. All are rescues, and for the record Nola when we first got her was probably the most testing dog I've ever owned!

I've had various careers but most recently finally did what I'd dreamed of since a child - I became a horse trainer, specialising in problem solving using non-violent methods. Unfortunately, long term illness forced me to stop, so since then I've become more involved in other passions, including animal rescue work and photography, often combining the two. I spend a lot of time doing various things for the RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, and Shy Lowen, a horse (and human!) sanctuary up in Liverpool.

I am still passionate about animal training using methods that reject force and concentrate on making sense to the animal, so those are the areas you'll find me most on the forum.



Hi I'm Jen & I fell in love with this girl when I 1st saw her
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She was only 6wks old when looking for a new home, her 2nd home since leaving her mum Surprised We knew from the start she would be a character, we couldn't believe what a character!!!!
This is me & my best friend Katy Love Struck Love Struck

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I cant imagine life without her, but a bed without her would be great Laughing Love Struck Love Struck


Global Mods These people Moderate the forum and some are truly global

Mistys Mum

Mods These people Moderate the forum and will help with any general queries

Nifty Staffy

Supporting member These team members are alway happy to help where needed and guide New members around the Forum


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