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Older staffy health issues Empty Older staffy health issues

Post by Polo'sdaddy Wed Mar 06 2024, 16:19

Polo is between 11 1/2 and 12 years old and until a week ago was doing well.
Last Wednesday he had a seizure and being inexperienced with them I thought he was choking so tried to clear his throat with my fingers.
The actual fit wasn't long but the recovery stage was as he was barking and snarling at me because of his bewildered state.
By the time I'd got him to the vets he'd come round and the checks she'd done were fine.
We had his blood checked on Saturday which were again fine.
He seemed to be improving so started walking him again but he's had seizures on Monday, Tuesday and this morning after a short walk.
As well as the seizures he's unsteady on his feet except when walking ???? and twitches and trembles even lying down.
Since this mornings episode he's not let me out of his sight and even followed me upstairs.In his boredom he's tried zooming and fighting with his bed which would normally be funny.
Until these seizures Polo was still enjoying his walks and still wants to go out as his whining proves.
We've had him 10 years and every day has been a pleasure.He's walked thousands of miles and enjoyed life to the full making his mummy and daddy proud and pleased by his companionship and staffylike loyalty.
Later today he will be starting on Epiphen and after that it'll probably be an MRI scan to see what's wrong with our happy handsome boy.
As I'm typing this he's on his new bed gnawing on his 8 year old Kongbone.
He's a white staffy with the most beautiful cookies and cream ears which when cocked in the right position make him look half his age.

Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated 👍
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Older staffy health issues Empty Re: Older staffy health issues

Post by Jenc Mon May 27 2024, 16:00

I haven't any experience with seizures but please let us know how he gets on with his medication praying

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