Frequent urination - 7 month old female

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Frequent urination - 7 month old female Empty Frequent urination - 7 month old female

Post by Simbu Sun Jan 22 2023, 11:56


She's already 7 months old and can keep her pee/poo throughout the night without any problems - she has been able to do it for quite some time already. She also doesn't have any accidents inside and she always asks outside.

Problem: She asks outside ~10 times a day.
We started noticing it in the beginning of January when we came from outside and she wanted to go again in an hour or less. She also seemed to struggle peeing - only small drops.
It was weird and we went to a vet - some protein and bacteria in the blood.

We did the antibiotics(03.01-10.01) and then the struggle of peeing went away, but the frequency is still here.
She asks out very often and now just pees a lot. (daily water intake ~500-700ml).

We did the test again after antibiotics - no bacteria any more. Still some proteins in there which were weird, but nothing serious. We also did ultrasound & blood tests - everything is OK.

We thought it might be psychological so we started luring her away from the door when she shows us the sign (if we just went ~2h ago) but then she started doing "accidents" shortly after.
Just an example from yesterday:
5:45 - wake up, outside walk, 7:00 feeding
8:40 - pee
10:00 - pee & poo
11:50 - pee
13:50 - pee
16:00 - pee
19:00 - pee
21:45 - pee

We're starting to be very affected by this as it's very-very hard to work from home or do something else if we have to go out ~10 times a day with her. She doesn't seem to be in heat.

Any ideas?

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Frequent urination - 7 month old female Empty Re: Frequent urination - 7 month old female

Post by Caryll2 Mon Jan 23 2023, 06:03

Hi & welcome.

My first thought was UTI, but the antibiotics should have cleared that. Then I thought 'season', but you say there's no sign? Although she's the right age, of course.

It's possible that the antibiotics have mucked about with her system in which case some pre/pro biotics may help?
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