Refusing to walk along the street unless going somewhere he knows, like the park

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Refusing to walk along the street unless going somewhere he knows, like the park Empty Refusing to walk along the street unless going somewhere he knows, like the park

Post by Rupertsbooks Sat Jun 27 2020, 19:57

Hi guys
Over the past three years my Staffy has become more and more "stubborn" when it comes to walking on lead. I say stubborn in inverted commas because now it's got to the stage where he will sit down and shake if I try even to turn right instead of left outside my door. If we are at a friend's house he has started not wanting to leave to the extent I can't get him up the street or he slips his lead (soemtimes I have had to carry him but he is 26 kilos!).

Coaxing him with treats doesn't work at all. He is ball crazy but that doesn't work either, even if I throw it in the direction I want us to go. The only thing that sometimes works is pretending that he actually wants to move forward, me telling him to sit and wait as if he was in fact pulling me forward and then shouting, now go, and running with him. Obviously this is really unwieldy, and means I can't carry my shopping or whatever. He does seem to prefer me to jog and seems more chipper doing this but I hate jogging. I have taught him certain words like "Jodie's house" which is the name of a friend's around the corner, and then, because he knows where he's going, he will be keener to move. Even with these complicated rituals it is getting worse and worse. He also then pulls on the lead (unless we are jogging) zig zagging all over the street in a bit of a panic. It's almost like he has OCD. It can look funny but it is annoying to the point of being concerning now. I can't just take him for a walk. Off lead he is perfect (as in, in the park).

I have been rubbish at lead training as I lack self-discipline in this area so that might be a component. I have tried getting him to sit and wait for several minutes if he stops moving on the street, so that maybe his anxiety levels go down but it doesn't do anything. I have also tried just walking off but ten minutes later he's still standing there or turned round in the direction of home.

Really grateful for any feedback on this.
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