Boomer Ball adaption ideas please

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Boomer Ball adaption ideas please Empty Boomer Ball adaption ideas please

Post by HesOneOfTheFamily Wed Jan 04 2023, 16:22

Hello there. Some suggestions or ideas needed please.
Our fella came to us with some damaged teeth, so we try to be very careful with toys for him. We did get him a Boomer Ball which he absolutely LOVED. But, the way that he was using it, he kinda guided it and chased it around with his teeth, caused serious wear on his teeth, almost like an angle grinder.
We took the Boomer Ball away from him as soon as we realised what was happening and thankfully, after a vet check, we stopped any more damage.
Now, I haven't gotten rid of the ball, it's hidden in the shed, because I was thinking if there was anyway of coating it with something, doing anything to the surface which wouldn't cause damage? He loved it so much!
I was thinking using quilting and gaffa tape? It doesn't have to be pretty!
I have tried various other balls like the Jolly Ball football one, but nothing has got him so excited as the Boomer.
Or any suggestions for a very large non hard plastic ball would be great! Something the size of the large boomer or bigger?
My experiment with a yoga ball were disastrous. 🤣
Many thanks for any suggestions.

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Boomer Ball adaption ideas please Empty Re: Boomer Ball adaption ideas please

Post by Jenc Mon Jan 09 2023, 19:38

I had the same with Katy, she loves her boomer but she will pin it in a corner & grate her teeth on it Rolling Eyes Her teeth are already worn from all the destroying she does on every toy! I just get her cheap footballs as they will be killed but she loves doing it Laughing Don't bother with anything they say is indestructible as I think Katy has probably destroyed them all Laughing

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