Guidelines For Buying A Staffie Pup

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lock Guidelines For Buying A Staffie Pup

Post by Steve on Mon Dec 03 2012, 21:18

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Guidelines For Buying

A Staffie Pup

It is better to go to a reputable breeder, your local breed club is one of the best places to start, some are listed on this Web Site, if you give them a call they may be able to advise on possible litters in your area.

Buying through local newspapers, from advertisements in shops, over the internet or pet shops is not always the best idea but can work if you take care.

Always make sure that you see the mother of your puppy and if faesibly possible the father as well. Check that the mother is in good health, of good temperament and that the puppies appear healthy.

It is recommended that you ask if the parents have been eye tested, HC and L-2-HGA DNA tested .To read more on visit this page Click Here

A good breeder should ask questions. Have you had Staffordshires before, is someone at home in the day to look after the puppy, is the garden secure? Is the whole family going to be involved with the puppy? Do you have other animals in the house?

A responsible breeder should give you any advice you need to help you to settle your puppy at home with you. This could be from when to worm your puppy to how to intergrate it with other dogs. What they have been eating so you carry on with a regime that at first is a continuation of life with them.

You can expect to pay £400-600 for a registered puppy. You can get them cheaper but always take care and try if possible to only go to someone that is recommended. No colours are any rarer than others so don't be duped.

Always take your puppy for vaccinations and use a VET that you know or has been recommended.

The above infomation is to help anyone thinking of purchasing a puppy. However the purchaser is the one to make the final decision. If you have any doubts seek advice, possibly this may not be the right puppy for you.

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