Today at the dog Beach

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Today at the dog Beach

Post by Two89w on Sun Jul 31 2016, 08:09

We took Rosie and Eddie to the usual dog beach for a run and swim. Been there before no problems with any dogs.

Today we played with a couple of poodles, west highland terrier, greyhound however I had to pull Eddie off two dogs at different times. One was what looked like a rhodasian ridgeback and the other was a cattle cross looking dog.

Ed and Rosie were chasing the ridgeback around for about 10 mins in out of the water etc then I could hear that aggressive starting to fight growling etc. By the time I got to Ed he had the ridgeback by the skin on the side of its neck in his front teeth and it was starting to escalate. The above was the same scenario for the cattle X cross except the owner of the cattle didn't try to kick Eddie.

Does this sound like a bull breed puppy thing? or is Ed poorly behaved? If it is a behavioural issue how can I best address it?

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