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Post by Ellen27 on Sun Oct 06 2019, 01:46

Hi there, I'm new to this forum, and have only just posted a similar post in the behaviour section. Apologies for the duplication - but I wanted the opinion of breeders here too, if I may.

We got a lovely rescue staffy 3 months ago. She was just coming off season, and had very large nipples and vulva. 3 months later, she still has this, plus she is lactating (and has been fo at least 6 weeks). In your opinion, could this be because she's been over bred? And her body is just automatically thinking she's got pups? She has behavioural problems with dog aggression and refusing to walk (scared of our street), doesn't know her name and has only just started paying with toys. She bit a dog badly recently and we got a dog behaviourist out who is totally stumped.

We are really appreciative of any opinions!

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