Scared staffie

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Scared staffie

Post by stokes on Fri Oct 28 2016, 15:02

Well everyone, just wondering if anyone can help. Got broken into last week dexter started barking and notifyed the neighbours because he,s not a dog that barks, so neighbours came in and frighten the scumbags. Dexter was hiding outside the hole time. Then Tuesday someone came back to house and tried to get in side gate when doing the school runs. Didn't notice let dexter inwhen I got home because he  is normally a house dog. Wednesday noticed gate but also. Notice dexter won't go out tried to get him to go so I held him by collar he shook out and wee on floor this never happen before. Usually open door click fingers and point and he knows where to go by the direction im pointing. He just not himself out in the back he usally sits up on the kennel watching or he,ll play with me now if I go to go back in he runs in before me. Have to give him treats to go out. He sitting in his kennel shaking out I know they say tough love but it breaks my heart to see him like this. He's my little baby only 15mths old don't know what they have done but they traumatised him. Will he ever be the same again? He go for walks out front just dont want to be in back. I'm frightened they might have been trying to take him, help

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