Hiking Stick, walking stick, cane

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Hiking Stick, walking stick, cane Empty Hiking Stick, walking stick, cane

Post by Amelie on Mon Dec 07 2015, 14:27

I just wanted to share another tool i've used successfully when walking dogs.
If your not comfortable with other tools I'd recommend these.
I mainly use a hiking stick as i'm in the country side and it looks alright by others to.
I'll have my four in my right hands and my hiking stick in my left and when ever one of my dogs steps out in front of me to tries to pull, i cross the hiking stick across my body and simply block them, no contact (unless they walk into it but that wont hurt them ) just like using a safety gate or another tool for blocking, i found it really helps.
you can use a walk stick if out in town or a cane or even golf umbrellas just not to look out of place.

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