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Rosewood Pets at Home toys  Empty Rosewood Pets at Home toys

Post by KITA90 on Fri May 08 2015, 21:34

I bought this 3 days ago and its not left Sheara's side! There's no sign of damage what so ever and he loves it! It doesn't squeak but there are different ones that do, there's tug ones as well! Its like a squishy plastic material so he cant rip it to pieces easily, saying that, he's not tried! Would recommend! I'm going back to buy the other ones, with his birthday coming up and all Big Grin

Rosewood is the brand, not checked if they're cheaper elsewhere yet!

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Rosewood Pets at Home toys  Empty Re: Rosewood Pets at Home toys

Post by kozmos on Sun May 10 2015, 00:21

i bought Lady the 'pineapple' version today
she's already chewed through the 'leaves' ..
( so i cut them off 'n trashed them ..
( so she don't try and swallow them ..

shall see how long the remainder lasts :-)
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Rosewood Pets at Home toys  Top_ra10

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