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Post by Murphy77 on Sat Jan 18 2020, 10:23

Hi Members, My name is Barb & I live in Bali Indonesia.....whilst I am new member I have been a Staffy owner for 2 decades.
Murphy’s Journey

Murphy was found wandering the back streets of Redfern Sydney Australia in torrential rain by RSPCA.
After a few months of waiting for his forever home with no luck his life was scheduled to end......but...........

The Staffy Rescue Sydney noticed his profile on the RSPCA site & rescued him from death row hours before.....
His age was assessed at 1 - 1 & a half years... also that he had been badly abused... I adopted Murphy in 2010... his Eyes were noted as his prominent feature on his paperwork

Our relocation to Bali Indonesia in 2014 was certainly an experience for this Gorgeous Boy....He settled into Island Life with ease , became a regular fixture in the Offices of Yayasan Solemen Indonesia, had his own Solemen T-Shirt & attended many of their outdoor Events ...where I went Murph was my shadow.....

Murph won the Hearts of many expats & locals, refused to walk on the beach as the pathway gave him far more social interaction as most knew him by name....I could never get him to walk past 2 particular restaurants without buying him breakfast as he knew they had Doggy Menu’, ......gained the respect of the Bali Beach dogs with his calm & passive nature, survived a Cobra bite, took his job seriously keeping the resident rats at bay & the Sanur Bemo/taxi drivers all were accommodating when he would jump in when he decided he had enough walking. lol

In March 2017 Murphy’s health issues began.....a very long story...however, 7 operations to remove reoccurring mouth tumors, combined with a heart condition he remained a Staunch Staffy trouper throughout. As only Staffy’s do.

Murphy was described by many as a Special Soul, A Love Bug. A True Gentleman & showed gratitude everyday to the end of his journey.

Thank you to all that has read Murphy’s story & I am hoping through this site I am able to find a breeder in Indonesia of an English Blue Staffy to love.

Can anyone help?

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