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Questions via the 'contact' form Empty Questions via the 'contact' form

Post by Guest on Wed May 30 2018, 11:05

We occasionally get questions to the forum sent via the 'contact' form (at the bottom of your screen). Please note that this wil go to the administrators of the forum who are unable to answer questions other than on the use of the forum.

For example, we can help with things like lost user details, whether something is appropriate to post, concerns about a post or member, that sort of thing. We cannot directly answer questions about your dog's behaviour, health, etc. It is not the role of the administrators, who often do not have time to answer each question. These questions must be posted openly in the relevant section of the forum, where you will get ideas and suggestions from any member, which means that you're more likely to get more ideas.

Thanks for your understanding! Smile


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