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Post by Mistys Mum on Fri Aug 25 2017, 20:30

I Love this! I've seen in fb that Eukanuba are having a large dog show in October. This may sound silly but I adore the fact they have put on their front page the most popular breeds, there are only four mentioned and our beloved Staffords make this list! It's only a little thing but I do feel that this breed is so overlooked in certain areas. For example I had the Dogs Trust Christmas catalogue the other day. They have so many toys/books/gifts with the dog breeds on, Labs, Westies, Spaniels etc however not one item with a Staffy on ( apart from the Staffy Calendar). Now I've read somewhere that Staffs are in the top five owned breeds in this country and it would be lovely to buy something with the breed on.

However back to nicer things now. This is from the Eukanuba website about breed traits of each dog....

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