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Post by Niffer on Mon Aug 22 2016, 10:08

Does anyone on here let their dog have soya milk occasionally? i don't know why its popped into my head. Milo has a funny tummy now and again as I'm sure all staffs do - but now I'm thinking could it be the tea he loves so much which has soya in it. He drinks my slops (about a tblsp) in the bottom on my mug about twice or three times a day and now and then has a weetabix with soya milk - in the morning but only about twice a week if that. Straight Face
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Soya Milk Empty Re: Soya Milk

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 22 2016, 12:13

I'm popping this into the diet and nutrition area, Jenny, as I think you might get more answers there.

Soya is a common allergen so it is possible that he is reacting to soya. I wouldn't previously have said the amount that's in the a tablespoon of tea would be enough to react to but I know how little it takes to set me off snuffling.

Why don't you not give him any for a few weeks and see if there is any difference?


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