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starting raw!  Empty starting raw!

Post by nala26 on Mon Jun 20 2016, 13:34

Hi guys@
I'm looking to changing my girl to a raw diet! Ive been doing research on it and think it would be highly beneficial to her overall health, skin and allergy wise!
I am at a loss as to where to begin in regards with what to buy!
i know the diet consists of meat, bone and offal but I'm not sure what type to buy?
any help much appreciated

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starting raw!  Empty Re: starting raw!

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 21 2016, 17:02

Hi Nala and welcome to the forum!

If you look back through some of the threads here as well you'll find lots of information on starting off with raw. Briefly, though, you are best starting for a few days on straight chicken or turkey mince, no bones or offal. That should easy her in and make sure she's happy on a raw diet. Then introduce another meat, maybe fish, lamb, then beef. Leave offal until you're sure her stomach is happy as it's much richer and can cause the runs in many dogs, especially when they're not used to it. When you do try offal, do it with only little bits at a time, and start with something other than liver which is generally the most problematic.

A week or so after you start on raw, introduce bones. Avoid heavy weight bearing bones. I feed lamb and veal bones, making sure that lamb bones aren't too fatty. Never feed cooked bones. I tend to avoid very small bones as they tend to swallow bits whole and then throw up later (usually in the middle of the night!), but I know a lot of people who do feed chicken wings/necks, etc. I also give mine whole frozen fish - fishy lollies - in the summer as a treat.

We buy a month's worth at a time and keep it in the freezer but you might want to just get a little to start off with so you don't end up with a tonne of dog mince if she doesn't like it!

By the way, do pop into the introductions section and say hello!


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