I am fundraising to help my senior staff, Arni

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I am fundraising to help my senior staff, Arni Empty I am fundraising to help my senior staff, Arni

Post by DBug on Fri Apr 15 2016, 09:50

Hi Everyone,

Firstly thank you for reading.

I am currently fundraising to help my senior staff Arni, who is now 14 years old. In December Arni was going through tests to establish why he was short of breath. It transpired he had gotten lungworm, but whilst they were running various tests and scans they found he had a large mass in his liver. We were referred to the specialist Oncologist and a CT scan done in the middle of March confirmed he had a large mass in the liver which was a tumour. We had 10 minutes to decide whether to operate or not, and decided to go ahead as the surgeon was quite encouraging for a good prognosis. Arni had the tumour removed from his liver. He spent a week in the vets whilst he struggled to recover from the drugs, suffered blood cell count issues, and had other reactions. He has since had his stitches out and is slowly recovering, and going from strength to strength.

The operation came in at more than expected, £7500. Our insurance will cover £2000 but no more due to his age. This left us a £5500 balance, and we have no savings.
Consequently I am fundraising to try and assist with the cost of his operation, so I would be eternally grateful if you could consider sharing his fundraising link on social media, or maybe even make a small donation.

Arni's fundraising page

Thank you for your time.
Nicky & Arni

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