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Post by Mia05 on Wed May 13 2015, 20:46

Socialisation and training a young staffordshire bull terrier is key it prevents problems later in life, the younger you train them the faster they will learn.

Combating Teething and Biting:
sooting your pups gums using frozen teatowels, carrots.

puppy toys:
rope toy can be bought from any pet store or improvise using clothing
puppy kongs
tennis balls
plastic bottle with treats inside
cardboard boxes with treats inside

keeping your staffy safe:

removing any cables while the pup is supervised
keep low cupboards locked
remove low tables to prevent injury
block any areas off you don't want the pup to be in
keep items such as shoes, clothing and plastic bags away from your pup

recall and training leads:
training your dog is important from the offset
^^ thats a for example

Recommended puppy foods:
ie natures harvest ,natures menu, james wellbeloved etc

staffy puppy biting:
If your staffy puppy is nipping or biting there are a few things you can do.
ignore the behaviour and cross your arms in front of you this reduces risk of your fingers becoming a target your puppy will see your fingers a playtoy as they constantly move around .
for young pups:
redirect with a toy

Useful books:
titles of books here

perhaps putting names or phone numbers of decent trainers for different areas

worming your dog every 2 weeks until the dog is 12 weeks then every month until the dog is 6 months old.

your dog shouldn't be bathed unless absolutely necessary 2 every 12 months


toxic foods for dogs:


if you feel for any reason your puppy may be unwell DO NOT administer human medicines your dog should only recieve medication from a vet .

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