The life and times of Sasha

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The life and times of Sasha Empty The life and times of Sasha

Post by Becka346 on Sat Sep 20 2014, 17:16

Bathing a dog is always an adventure. The amount of times Sasha will sneak up the stairs, either by vaulting herself over the stair gate or simply opening it with her puppy paw, but when we need her up there for bath time?! Forget it! She’s hiding out at the bottom of the garden.
Sasha is a one year old Staffordshire bull terrier who we have recently adopted. It began like most adoptions, as a well-meaning foster home where she was then to move on to her forever home, but we fell in love. Due to her last home not taking care of her, unfortunately she had a skin condition which means she is to be bathed twice a week – the regularity of this does not make it any easier! If anything, she becomes wilier each time.
Today, I resorted to picking her up and carrying her up the stairs. Her wriggles made this particularly challenging, and then when I placed her in the bath, the look of sheer unhappiness she fixed me with near broke my heart. The shampoo we have been given by the vet must be lathered on her skin then she must stay in the bath with this on her for ten whole minutes. Whoever thought this would be the best course of action must have a wicked sense of humour.
Thankfully, the pigs ear I have bribed her with has worked a treat and we are pals again now!
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