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Post by Kelsbels on Wed Nov 06 2013, 17:00

I started the day waking mum and dad up nice and early, they are lazy things, I had to jump on them a few times but it worked! Dad took me out and said ' Business' a lot while I was having a wee, dunno what that's all about??? Ate some leaves, very good. Run in the mud, even better! Back home dad went to work and mum gave me breakfast, yum, is that it though? Why don't I have eggs?

Mum asked me to do lots of things, but gave me goodies when I did! I like the goodies so sometimes I do them without being asked now, you never know!

Mum watched a telly show where a man shouted a lot and said ' you are the father' , she laughed a lot, I just went for a snooze!

Dads home!!! Great excitement.... Must jump all over him!! Oh... Why is he not playing with me! I know, il bark, no? O... K... Um..... Let me pull your trousers a bit.... Uh oh! No ones looking at me! I'd be as well just sitting here then. Here's mum n dad giving me loads of loves, aww I like this! This is what I wanted!

Leash? Out? Where we going? Into the car? Ummmm I'm not too keen on this but since I can go in the front with mum I suppose il go. Vets? But nobody's prodding me, just asking me to do stuff and making me think. Is this like school for you big folk? Well mum n dad seem pleased, getting loads of loves now on the way home in the car. Still not keen but I'm getting used to it!

Over to. The park and a big run around, pretty tired when we get home but instead of letting me cozy up, mum n dad keep shouting stuff, same thing, when I go and see what the noise is they give me a treat, I heard mum telling dad they were working on recall tonight. They can work as much as they want. I'm getting ready for a snooze on the sofa!
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