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Cool Diary of Harley

Post by bigvtwin on Tue Oct 22 2013, 08:21

Well its now day 4 with my new owners (as they got to pick me up 1 day early), and i think they really like me Wink 

Diary of Harley  IMG-20131019-000431

Diary of Harley  IMAG0097-1

I am a black (with a little brindle on my legs) male who has just turned 8 weeks old, and i will melt your heart with my wistful eyes, and mischievous look on my face, when i am going to do something that both i and one of my new family know is wrong; but the fun then is can i get to it before they stop me...... They never learn Laughing 

Day 1:-
Said goodbye to my temp family and siblings - i came from a great family, i was well looked after, my dog parents were lovely and friendly and were very healthy (hopefully i will be too).
Journey home was great fun, and we stopped off at a friends house to say hello on the way home - More minions now under my sway Tongues 
Well we got home, and i was introduced to a lovely basket by the fire place and a crate in the other room - not too sure about the crate, but i was brought up in one with my dog siblings, so should be OK.
My new family have bought me chew toys, teddy bears (and they haven't got any solid eyes/ears) and some new food and water bowls....nice.
I spent a lovely day with 3 of my minions, as the 4th one (my dad) was in work.
I was tired so i eventually allowed my family to go to bed at midnight applause 

Day 2:-
Minion 4 came in at 4am, so i greeted him with plenty of tail wagging, jumping around and licking of hands - he in turn greeted me with big smiles and a hug.
So i allowed him to change the puppy pad in my cage as it was wet, and we went into the garden where i did really well and had a long wee.
A day spent playing and sounding each other out - a good day.
I was lifted from my crate at 11pm and placed into my crate - i was tired so i allowed this.

Day 3:-
I am not happy, i have had to use the pad in crate for a poo... so if i'm not happy i had better tell everyone - it would only be fair Crying or Very sad 
So at 2am i got mum and dad up, and they cleaned my crate up, played with me and in turn i went outside and had a poo applause 
At 3am i was tired again so i allowed them to go back to bed.
Up again at 6am as the day is wasting away, and there is just soooo much chewing and playing to do.
I must be doing something right as my family is giving me big fusses when i go to the toilet outside, but they are less happy when i use the floor in the house - but it hasn't happened too often so i will forgive them hypnotised
REVELATION - my bedding can actaully be used as a toy and i can drag/chew the bedding whilst pulling it round the floor.... who would have thought angel 

Day 4 (today):-
A really good night, i vocally expressed my wish to get out the crate at 4am - after being cruelly locked away in my crate from 11pm, i think i've done really well rock on!
My dad came and down and we we went outside - i had a big wee.
He cleaned up a wet pad in the crate, and i turn allowed him to feed me....
My dad seems concerned as my poo (in the garden again applause ) was loose and a bit explosive, but i seem ok and am very active, drinking water and have woofed my breakfast... Dad tells mum he will keep an eye on me today.
So its another day of playing/eating/being chased whilst i have something i shouldn't have in my mouth... And a visit to the vets for my check up and needles... Not sure i'm gonna like this confused

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