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Post by kelly-anne on Wed Aug 07 2013, 20:54

Hi my name is ghost, I'm 7 years old. I have been with my new owners for about 3 weeks. the last couple of months have been a difficult time for me. I was with my long term owners since i was one year old. l learnt so much. i can carry my own lead. i walk next to you and i wont run away. if im told to wait i will do so. and i sit out side the shops and wait, if my owner needs to go in. I'm very good with children of all ages. sometimes i get pulled about a little. because the children are just little and they don't understand. anyway they are my best friends and we would lay loads. I was so so happy there for 6 years. anyway my owner started work and she was out of the house for to long and could not give me the attention i needed, I was so so sad to go and so was my owner and the children we all cried.

We all thought i was going to a happy place where i would get loads of walks and cuddles. we were wrong. I was taken out a few times and everyone thought it was so sweet how i walked about holding my own lead. Then 'SHE' got bored of that and stopped walking me... 'SHE' would go out and leave me in the house. everytime she came back she would beat me for going into a room that i was not meant to. I was not fed how i should have been and i started to loose weight.

My old owners found out what had been going on and they came and got me I was so so pleased to see them. they took me out of the house i was a bit scared anyway we were walking and as soon as i saw the park i liked so much i lead the way back home and things went back to normal for a while. i got fed as i should be and i went to the park on lots of walks and played lots/ sadly thought my caring owner still had to work so she still needed to find a home for me.

My owner once again had to look for a new home for me Kelly-anne Smile  saw me in an add that i was looking for a new home so she came and met me with her children we played in the park.. They are kind of similar to my own/old family. she also has children a mix from toddler to teens so the house is very busy and i get lots of attention. SO now im living with my new family. They keep up all of the things my first owner done. I'm helpful to/ when amelia who is 3 won't get in her buggy i let her hold my lead if she promises to get in her buggy. The other children love me to very much. we play ball in the park and have lots of walks i meet them from school as well thy are so pleased to see me. The person that hurt me has left some mental scares. when ever my new family go out for a while when they come back i shake and shake so much. because i'm so scared that the same thing will happen again. It upsets my family to see me like this. They they try really hard to make me feel better and im sure we will get there.

Oh and i'm still in contact with my first owners. they are on FB and we share photos and videos of us having loads of fun. also they have moved 2 streets away so we sometimes bump into them. it makes me a little sad as i miss them. but i'm happy here as well.
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