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Post by ah080811 on Tue Jul 09 2013, 09:04

Myles and Sasha were born on the 05 May 2013, they came to live with us on the 03 July 2013 and we are now in to day 6 of having the twins.

Myles is the playful energetic one who bugs his sister when she is sleeping, and Sasha is the dominant one who is forever telling her brother off.

So far we have played fetch, done recall and also had some lead training........but the thing that they are great at is leaving little gifts for us outside or in the hallway (thank god for tiled flooring) At least they are generous.

They get their second jabs next week, so in 2 weeks we can start integrating them with the outside world - we're hopeful that they will not turn out like their big brother who was a rescue dog and scared of other dogs and people and therefore unable to be in areas with dogs running free. We want The Twins to have so much socialisation that they will be loving friendly dogs, not scared and aggressive of situations.

They are sleeping through the night and tend to wake at 5.30ish in the morning when it is breakfast and pee stop, then back to bed (either their cage, or as with Sunday morning in bed with us watching kids TV - hey they like watching tv and it kept them quiet Big Grin )

In time I'm sure they will want to tell you all about their daily antics, which I'm sure there will be plenty of.........
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