Thinking About Buying A Puppy?

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lock Thinking About Buying A Puppy?

Post by Steve on Mon Dec 03 2012, 20:52

Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking About Buying A


Making the decision to purchase a dog is often done without first considering exactly what the new pet will mean to the family. Staring into those big, sad eyes can turn any rational adult into an impulsive buyer. While caring for a dog can be extremely rewarding for both caretaker and animal, dog ownership requires time, money, and energy

Before buying a puppy or a dog, ask yourself:
  • Can I afford to have a dog?
  • Can I make a lifelong commitment to a dog? - A dog’s average life span is 12 years.
  • Can I afford between £4.50 and £8.00 per week to feed a dog?
  • Will you be able to pick up their faeces everyday?
  • Can I afford veterinary fees?
  • Can I afford to insure my dog?
  • Is my home big enough to house a dog?
  • Do I really want to exercise a dog twice a day every day?
  • Will I find time to train and generally care for a dog?
  • Accidents around the home ie puppies chewing and soiling in your home
  • Will I be able to answer YES to these questions every day of the year?

If you have answered ‘no’ to any of the above, you should think again before buying a dog.


The Blue Cross animal charity said the number of Staffordshire Bull Terrier type dogs at its adoption centres increased by 42% between 2006 and 2009 and it was the most likely breed to be handed in.

More than a third of dogs treated at the charity's animal hospitals were pure or cross Staffies.

Director Christian Bamber said: "We have seen a surge in the number of Staffie types given up or dumped at The Blue Cross, which is a worrying trend.

"We need to look closely at the root causes of this spiralling social issue and crack down on those who use dogs as a way to make a quick buck, while showing little or no regard for their welfare.

Click on the link below to contact us.

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