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Post by Annie and Maxi on Fri Nov 09 2012, 22:19


Just wanted to ask if anyone has the ezydog summit backpack for their staffy?

I just bought one and since I already have the chest plate harness in a size M I assumed she would be the same in the backpack. The front strap around her chest fits fine but the back strap around her "waist" is just too big. The actual packs do look quite big on her as well.
She is still a quite big staffy for a female, she is 21.5 kg, but have a longer body than most staffys.

Her measurement (Girth: 66cm) does fit in to both the size S and M though, but I am thinking that the chest plate for a size small will be too small. Just wanted to check if anyone have it before I decide to return or exchange it.

If anyone has suggestions of other good backpacks as well that would be appreciated since i got this one since it was the only on they had at my pet store. I want something for everyday walks, just to bring her water, foldable bowl, keys and a ball etc. So nothing too chunky, something fairly slim would be best and that will not make her too hot in summer when wearing.

Size Girth Pack Dimensions Volume (per bag)
S 41-74cm 23x15cm 4.1 Litres
M 56-94cm 28x20cm 7.5 Litres
L 66-114cm 33x23cm 9.8 Litres
XL 86-140cm 38x25cm 14 Litres

Annie and Maxi
Annie and Maxi
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Ezydog backpack Empty Re: Ezydog backpack

Post by Kathy on Sat Nov 10 2012, 08:27

Try doing a search for this one, it dosnt look quite so bulky as some which are available:

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