What are Ranks and how do they work?

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What are Ranks and how do they work?

Post by Steve on Fri Sep 03 2010, 19:23

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Ranks and

how do they work?

What are Ranks and how do they work?

Ranks are earned by Posting, there are no special requirements for ranks.
Each rank is earned after you have posted amonth of posts.

The first rank you will receive is the rank of "New Staffy-bull-terrier Member", you will work your way through the ranks until you reach the rank of ""Top Rank" Staffy-bull-terrier Member".

Rank TitleRank ImageMinimum Posts
New Staffy-bull-terrier Member
Regular Staffy-bull-terrier Member
Super Staffy-bull-terrier Member
Loyal Staffy-bull-terrier Member
Mega Staffy-bull-terrier Member
"Top Rank" Staffy-bull-terrier Member

A Staffy-bull-terrier Frequently Asked Questions

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Re: What are Ranks and how do they work?

Post by Guest on Fri Sep 17 2010, 11:14

i was over the moon when i got my first bully head and now well on mmy way to getting my seecond but so easy with the amount of great posts on th site


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